Do People Still Use Soundcloud?

Is SoundCloud still useful? In our highly digitized world, this platform remains a vital part of the music industry. It’s seen as the heartbeat for musicians, producers, and listeners who seek to discover, share, and enjoy new musical creations. 

Despite the evolving landscape of streaming platforms, SoundCloud stands strong as one of the top contenders. It continues to be profitable and integral to the modern music ecosystem, thanks to its commitment to creative and independent users. Independent creators are still happy to upload their new music here, showcasing the diversity of content and features that SoundCloud offers. 

This introduction explores the ongoing relevance and success of SoundCloud, hinting at the fascinating world of SoundCloud statistics and the platform’s enduring appeal.

Table: SoundCloud Usage and Engagement Statistics Overview

Registered UsersOver 76 million
Monthly Listeners175 million
Tracks AvailableOver 200 million
Languages Available21
Music Genres AvailableOver 300
Android App Downloads100 million
Traffic by Country (2022) – US28%
Traffic by Country (2022) – UK6%
Traffic by Country (2022) – DE4%
Traffic by Country (2022) – RU4%
Traffic by Country (2022) – FR3%

About the Soundcloud

SoundCloud is a big name in the music streaming services around the world. It started in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. This German audio streaming service is not just any platform; it’s owned and operated by SoundCloud Global Limited & Co. KG. What makes it stand out? It gives users the power to upload, promote, and share their audio with everyone. Being one of the largest platforms of its kind, SoundCloud has truly changed how we find and enjoy new tunes.

Why Do People Use SoundCloud?

Creating a video for Youtube might mean just adding a still image, but there’s always the risk of getting detected for using illegal samples. If that happens, your video could be taken down, or the original artist might just monetize your work instead. 

On platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, you’re required to have a distributor, and using illegal samples is off-limits. SoundCloud changes the game here. Uploading takes only a few moments, and the site is easy to navigate. Even if you’re on a slow connection, it loads well.

Unlike other platforms, SoundCloud doesn’t pay much, but it does under certain conditions. This unique approach gives artists the freedom to sample whatever they like without much hassle. This level of freedom is what draws creators to SoundCloud, making it a preferred choice for sharing their music.

Industry Embraces SoundCloud

In the music industry, a recent debate revealed SoundCloud as a go-to platform for many. From Sync licensing companies to radio stations and reviewers, they all find value in what SoundCloud offers. 

Fresh On The Net, an independent music blog founded by Tom Robinson, a presenter on BBC Radio 6 Music, exclusively requires submissions through SoundCloud. This is a big deal because getting potential airplay on BBC Radio 6 is a golden carrot for UK artists. 

It’s not just about the airplay; the Listening Post feature on Fresh On The Net is among the key interests for artists, showcasing the unique opportunities SoundCloud facilitates in connecting creators with influential industry platforms.

Sharing Music Made Simple with SoundCloud

SoundCloud makes it easy and quick to post a demo for getting early feedback. Imagine wanting to stream a rough mix in your car or through headphones to another band member; this platform is your go-to. 

SoundCloud stands out for its ability to create private links for reviewers or a select group of fans, making pre-releases accessible in a simple step. Unlike Spotify, where you have to pay a distributor and wait a month for your music to appear, SoundCloud lets you get your tracks out there immediately. 

You can send them to people either privately or as a released version without the hassle. This flexibility is why many prefer SoundCloud for sharing their latest creations with the world or just a few.

The Latest Soundcloud Statistics 

A Global Gathering on SoundCloud

SoundCloud boasts a colossal community of over 76 million registered users. This massive user base underlines SoundCloud’s prowess in the audio distribution platform sector, establishing its position as an influential force in the music industry. It’s a favorite spot for both music aficionados and independent creators seeking to connect with a diverse audience.

SoundCloud’s Listening Figures

The platform impresses with 175 million monthly listeners, highlighting its popularity and global influence in audio streaming. With over 200 million tracks, SoundCloud leaves a significant impact on the music discovery and sharing experience, making it truly borderless.

Diversity in Sound

SoundCloud shines with linguistic diversity, available in 21 languages and offering a vast array of over 300 distinct music genres. This variety ensures that every music enthusiast can find something they love, from mainstream genres to niche and undiscovered realms of music.

The SoundCloud App’s Reach

An impressive 100 million Android downloads of the SoundCloud mobile app reflects its popularity and far-reaching influence in music streaming.

SoundCloud’s Global Footprint

In 2022, SoundCloud traffic by country showed the United States leading with 28%, followed by the United Kingdom at 6%, and Germany, Russia, and France at 4% and 3%, respectively. This spread indicates SoundCloud’s wide appeal across different regions, reinforcing its status as a global platform.

By unveiling these statistics, SoundCloud demonstrates not just its scale but also its unique position in connecting creators with listeners worldwide, fostering an ever-expanding musical universe.

SoundCloud Traffic by Country: A 2022 Overview

  • The SoundCloud traffic by country in 2022 reveals how widespread the platform’s reach truly is, highlighting its global appeal. The United States leads the way, accounting for 28% of SoundCloud’s traffic, showcasing the platform’s strong foothold in one of the world’s largest music markets. 
  • Following the United States, the United Kingdom represents 6% of the traffic, marking it as another key region for SoundCloud. 
  • Germany, Russia, and France each contribute 4%, 4% and 3% of the traffic, respectively. These percentages illustrate SoundCloud’s European reach, indicating a solid presence in these countries.

The distribution of traffic by country in 2022 underlines SoundCloud’s role as a global platform that connects millions of music enthusiasts, independent creators, and industry professionals around the world. This geographic diversity is a testament to SoundCloud’s universal appeal and its ability to cater to a global audience, making music discovery and sharing truly borderless.

SoundCloud’s Appeal to Younger Generations

In the vibrant world of music streaming, SoundCloud stands out, especially among Gen Z and young millennials. Their preferences and choices significantly impact the industry, making SoundCloud a runner-up in their hearts. It’s not just about the music; it’s the undeniable appeal and the platform’s potential for growth that successfully caters to the tastes of musically inclined generations. SoundCloud statistics reveal this impressive status, showing a significant influence on young music enthusiasts. This riveting fact, when incorporating into a blog post, helps readers grasp how SoundCloud successfully caters to their tastes, making it a beloved choice.

SoundCloud’s Multi-Platform Accessibility

SoundCloud isn’t just sticking to one device; it’s everywhere. With versatile accessibility across multiple devices like iOS, Android, and the Web, it’s easy to see how it’s reaching people in all sorts of digital habitats. This platform has mastered the art of being where its users are, offering a seamless experience that’s hard to beat. It’s about extending its reach, making sure that everyone, anywhere can dive into its audio ecosystem. This approach is fostering exponential growth in new audiences, showing SoundCloud’s commitment to being inclusive. 

Whether you’re a creator looking to share your latest track or a listener eager for new beats, SoundCloud supports a diverse range of platforms, ensuring that no one misses out. It’s a testament to their dedication to crafting a cutting-edge space for music and more.


As we’ve journeyed through the evolving landscape of SoundCloud, it’s clear that this platform continues to play a crucial role in the music industry. From its early days to becoming a beacon for independent creators, SoundCloud has not only sustained its relevance but has also expanded its reach and influence across generations and geographies. The statistics unveil a platform that’s more than just a music streaming service; it’s a community that thrives on creativity, connection, and the shared love for music.

In a digital era where music consumption patterns are constantly shifting, SoundCloud’s adaptability, innovative features, and dedication to its user base ensure it remains a favorite among artists and listeners alike. 

Whether for uploading a first demo, discovering new sounds, or connecting with a global audience, SoundCloud stands out as a vital part of our musical world, proving that, yes, people still very much use SoundCloud.


1. Can anyone upload music to SoundCloud?

Yes, anyone can upload music to SoundCloud. The platform is designed to be accessible to all users, from amateur musicians to established artists, allowing them to share their work with a global audience.

2. Does SoundCloud offer any subscription services?

SoundCloud offers subscription services such as SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Pro, which provide additional features like ad-free listening, offline playback, and enhanced analytics for creators.

3. How does SoundCloud support new artists?

SoundCloud supports new artists through its Discover features, curated playlists, and the ability for creators to directly engage with their audience. It also offers tools and resources to help artists grow their careers.

4. Can listeners interact with the music and artists on SoundCloud?

Yes, listeners can interact with music and artists on SoundCloud by liking tracks, reposting them on their profiles, commenting on tracks, and following their favorite artists to stay updated on new releases.

5. Is SoundCloud available in all countries?

While SoundCloud is available in many countries worldwide, its accessibility might be limited in some regions due to licensing restrictions or local laws. Users should check SoundCloud’s availability in their specific location.

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