How to upgrade Builder Hut in Clash of Clans?

In Clash of Clans, upgrading your Builder Huts is excellent and important for making progress in the game. These huts are the house for your builders, who are the guys dependable for building and advanced matters in your village. The cool part is, that when you upgrade these huts, you get some more builders, which means you can make a greater effort in construction simultaneously and get things done quickly. 

This guide will help you understand why Builder Huts are big trouble, how to be smart with your assets, what upgrades to pay attention to first, ways to make your builders do it quickly, and how to unlock amazing recent features in the game.

What is a Builder Hut?

In the popular mobile strategy game Clash of Clans, a Builder Hut is a building that homes a Builder, who is responsible for making and upgrading structures within your village. Builder Huts are important for progress in the game as they allow you to expand and get better your base.

Upgrading your Builder Huts is important for many reasons. 

Firstly, it increases the number of Builders accessible to tasks on individual projects at the same time, allowing you to progress faster. Additionally, upgraded Builder Huts provide different benefits such as simplified construction time and enhanced hit points, building them stronger against enemy attacks.

Requirements for upgrading Builder Hut

Town Hall level requirement

To upgrade your Builder Huts, you need to fulfill certain requirements. The main requirement is achieving an individual Town Hall level. Each Builder Hut upgrade has a commensurate Town Hall level requirement, so it is important to improve your Town Hall to unlock higher-ranking upgrades.

Builder Base level requirement

In addition to the Town Hall level, you also demand to have a specific Builder Basic level to upgrade your Builder Huts. The Builder Base is a different game mode within Clash of Clans, and improving it provides further benefits, as well as accessing higher-level Builder Hut upgrades.

Resources needed for upgrading

Upgrading Builder Huts requires a mixture of resources, comprising Gold and Elixir. The amount of resources required is higher with each upgrade level. It is necessary to control your resources sensibly and ensure you have enough to complete the upgrade process easily.

Steps to upgrade Builder Hut in Clash of Clans

Upgrading Builder Hut in Clash of Clans: In small stages, Guide Clash of Clans, the well-known mobile strategy game, has enchanted millions of players throughout the world. One of the essential elements in the game is the Builder Hut, which allows you to construct and upgrade buildings across your village.

As you develop in the game, upgrading your Builder Huts becomes essential for expanding and enhancing your village. 

Step 1: Gather Resources

Before you can first-level upgrade your Builder Hut, you have to make sure that you have a lot of resources to support the upgrade. In Clash of Clans, resources such as gold and elixir are needed for creating and upgrades. 

To collect these resources, you can take an interest in many activities such as attacking other players’ villages, being involved in clan wars, or collecting them from your resource gatherer. It is imperative to choose your resources wisely to ensure a level upgrade process.

Step 2: Upgrade your Town Hall

To unlock upper-level Builder Huts, you need first to upgrade your Town Hall. The Town Hall vassal is the key building in your village and decides the highest level of your Builder Huts. By upgrading your Town Hall, you unlock advanced buildings, troops, and upgrades, enabling you to achieve further progress in the game. It is suggested to focus on upgrading your Town Hall in advance of undertaking to upgrade your Builder Huts, as this makes for a sensible and effective gameplay experience.

Step 3: Allocate Builders

Once you have collected enough resources and upgraded your Town Hall, it’s time to allot your developers to upgrade your Builder Hut. In Clash of Clans, you begin with only one builder, but as you make progress, you can unlock additional builders by obtaining them with gems or completing certain successes. 

Each Builder Hut can only be upgraded by a single creator at a time, so it is crucial to prioritize which Hut to upgrade based on your current needs and goals. Additionally, upgrading your Builder Huts takes some time, so be prepared to wait patiently or use gems to speed up the process.

Tips for efficient upgrading

Prioritizing Builder Hut Upgrades

When deciding which Builder Hut to upgrade first, examine the advantage each upgrade provides. Prioritize the ones that provide the most considerable advantages, such as efficient assembly time or increased hit points. This way, you can optimize your basis protection and speed up your general progress.

Utilizing Builder Potions

Builder Potions are expensive items that can considerably speed up the structure and upgrade process. Use them profitably to enhance the performance of your Builders and complete upgrades quickly. These potions can be acquired through events, Clan Games, or the Trader.

Maximizing Builder Availability

To ensure effective upgrading, try to keep all your Builders busy invariably. Whenever a Builder executes a task, directly assign them a new one. This way, you can make the most of your Builders’ time and keep the upgrade process working well.


In conclusion, upgrading your Builder Huts in Clash of Clans is important for progress and winning in the game. By following the conditions and actions set out above, as well as performing the provided tips, you can strengthen your base, increase efficiency, and achieve victory in your fighting. So, collect your resources, choose the right Builder Hut, and start upgrading to unlock the full possibility of your village!

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