How many levels are in Royal Match?

Royal Match, an enthralling puzzle game that has captured the hearts of many, stands out with its vibrant graphics and challenging gameplay. At present, Royal Match boasts an impressive number of levels, each uniquely designed to offer a blend of fun and challenge. 

As of the latest update, the game features over 4500 levels, a number that continues to grow with frequent updates and expansions. This dynamic nature of the game ensures a fresh and engaging experience for players at every stage.

In the table below, we break down the key statistics of Royal Match’s levels:

Level RangeNotable FeaturesDifficulty Rating
1-500Basic MechanicsEasy
501-1000Introduction of Advanced ElementsModerate
1001-1500Complex CombinationsChallenging
1501-2000Strategic Power-ups and ObstaclesVery Challenging
2001-3000Higher Complexity and Diverse ChallengesHard
3001-4000Expert Level Strategy and Problem SolvingExpert
4001-4500+Elite Challenges and Masterful TacticsMaster

Royal Match: A Historical Overview

Royal Match, developed by Dream Games, entered the gaming scene as a free-to-play match-three puzzle game in 2021. It initially launched in Canada, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

The game quickly gained popularity due to its engaging puzzle mechanics and captivating design. As players progress through various levels, they complete objectives and earn stars, contributing to the restoration of King Robert’s castle. 

Royal Match stands out for its unique combination of puzzle-solving and room decorating, providing an immersive and personalizable gaming experience. 

Since its inception, the game has evolved, adding new features and challenges to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

The Design Philosophy of Royal Match Levels

Level Range 1-500: Basic Mechanics

Notable Features: 

These levels serve as an introduction, featuring basic match-three mechanics.

Difficulty Rating: 

The early levels are designed to be straightforward, allowing new players to get accustomed to the game’s basic rules and controls.

Level Range 501-1000: Introduction of Advanced Elements

Notable Features: 

Introduction of more complex elements and objectives.

Difficulty Rating: 

Moderate. This range starts to challenge players with more complex layouts and objectives, but still maintains a balanced level of difficulty.

Level Range 1001-1500: Complex Combinations

Notable Features: 

Levels in this range introduce complex combinations that require strategic thinking.

Difficulty Rating: 

Challenging. Players need to employ more thoughtful strategies and consider their moves carefully to progress.

Level Range 1501-2000: Strategic Power-ups and Obstacles

Notable Features: 

Introduction of strategic power-ups and new obstacles.

Difficulty Rating: 

Very Challenging. These levels test players’ ability to use power-ups effectively while navigating through difficult obstacles.

Level Range 2001-3000: Higher Complexity and Diverse Challenges

Notable Features: 

Even higher complexity in level design with diverse challenges.

Difficulty Rating: 

Hard. These levels require advanced problem-solving skills and often involve multitasking between different types of objectives and challenges.

Level Range 3001-4000: Expert Level Strategy and Problem Solving

Notable Features: 

Levels demand expert-level strategy and problem-solving skills.

Difficulty Rating: 

Expert. This range is designed for experienced players, with each level requiring intricate planning and execution.

Level Range 4001-4500+: Elite Challenges and Masterful Tactics

Notable Features: 

The highest level of challenge, demanding elite strategies and masterful tactics.

Difficulty Rating: 

Master. Reserved for the most skilled players, these levels are incredibly challenging, requiring a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and exceptional strategic thinking.

A Gamer’s Guide: Navigating Through Royal Match’s Stages

Level Complexity and Themes

Each stage in the game is carefully crafted with a specific theme and level of complexity. As players progress, they encounter various themes ranging from simple, straightforward puzzles to complex, strategic challenges. 

This variety not only keeps the game interesting but also tests the players’ puzzle-solving skills at different stages. 

The themes are not just visually appealing but also integrated into the gameplay mechanics, making each level a unique experience.

Strategies for Tackling Difficult Levels

Overcoming tough levels in Royal Match requires a mix of strategy and foresight. Players should focus on planning moves ahead, making the most of power-ups, and learning from previous attempts. 

Joining the game’s community for advice and tactics can also be invaluable. These strategies help turn challenging levels into opportunities for skill development and enjoyment.


Royal Match, a captivating puzzle game by Dream Games, has evolved significantly since its launch. With over 4500 levels, each offering unique challenges, the game ensures a fresh and engaging experience for players. 

From basic mechanics in the early stages to masterful tactics in the elite levels, Royal Match offers a progressive journey that tests and hones players’ strategic skills.

The game’s design philosophy, focusing on a balance of fun and challenge, along with the developers’ responsiveness to community feedback, has made Royal Match a beloved title in the puzzle gaming world.


1. How do you get more stars and move up in Royal Match?

Earn stars by completing levels and puzzles efficiently. Use smart strategies and power-ups effectively to progress faster in the game.

2. Does playing Royal Match with others make it better?

Yes, playing with others offers shared strategies, community support, and more fun. It enhances the experience through collaboration and friendly competition.

3. Are there special times or challenges in Royal Match? How often do they change?

Royal Match features special events and challenges regularly, offering unique rewards and gameplay experiences that change every few weeks or months.

4. Can players help make Royal Match better? How?

Players can contribute by providing feedback, participating in surveys, and joining community forums. Developers often use this input for game improvements.

5. What’s different in how you play the different levels in Royal Match?

Each level range introduces new challenges and mechanics, requiring evolving strategies and skills. Higher levels demand more strategic thinking and problem-solving.

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