How to Change Scenery in Clash of Clans for Free?

In the interactive real-time world of Clash of Clans (CoC), modifying the scenery can breathe new existence into your gaming experience. However, several players are unaware that it is certainly possible to unlock and enjoy various environments without spending any real money.

This guide aims to give you a progressive approach to how to change scenery in CoC for free, allowing you to explore enchanting landscapes and enhance your gaming chances.

Overview of scenery in Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, scenery consults the background and conditions that surround your village. It includes the scenery, buildings, and decorations that make your village unique. The game offers a variety of scenery options, allowing players to personalize their villages and create their own way.

4 Ways to change scenery for free

The expectation of changing scenery without spending actual money is an enticing one. Here are some efficient ways to achieve this without denting your digital wallet:

1. Completing achievements

One of the better ways to change the scenery in Clash of Clans is by concluding achievements. These achievements not only can provide you with a sense of performance but also reward you with different resources and gems. 

Gems, individually, can be used to purchase various scenery options. By strategically completing achievements, you can accumulate sufficient gems to unlock new and captivating views for your village.

2. Participating in special events

Clash of Clans often hosts special events that provide special possibilities to change your village scenery. These events may involve challenges, contests, or limited-time offers. 

By actively involved in these events, you can earn special rewards, including new scenery options. Keep an eye out for these events and be sure to benefit from them when they arise. 

Not only will you be able to enjoy a fresh new vision for your village, but you may also discover exciting gameplay events along the way.

3. Using Gems strategically 

Gems are a beneficial resource in Clash of Clans, and using them tactically can help you change the scenery free of charge. Instead of impulsively spending gems on useless items, save them up for the particular purpose of changing your village’s view.

Endurance is key here. By accumulating enough gems and making sensible decisions, you can unlock various scenery options and transform your village into a visibly stunning masterpiece.

4. Utilizing Seasonal Obstacles 

Throughout the year, Clash of Clans inserts seasonal obstacles that can be utilized to modify the scenery of your village. These obstacles, such as Christmas trees or Halloween-themed embellishments, provide a temporary but refreshing change to your village’s landscape. 

Take advantage of these summer services and embrace the festive spirit by integrating these exclusive elements into your village design. Not only will you like new scenery, but you will also add a touch of charm and character to your virtual reality.

4 Tips for Maximizing Scenery Changes

Changing scenery for free requires a tactical technique. Consider the following tips to maximize your free scenery changes:

1. Planning for Desired Scenery

Before changing scenery, it is important to plan and decide on the desired look for your village. Browse through the available options and consider the full theme and style you want to achieve. This way, when you have sufficient resources or gems, you can modify the scenery easily.

2. Prioritizing which scenery to change

If you have limited resources or gems, it is essential to prioritize which scenery elements to change. Focus on the buildings or decorations that have the biggest impact on your village’s appearance. By tactically selecting the items to change, you can create the most of your resources and create a visibly stunning village.

3. Timing scenery changes for maximum impact

Timing is crucial when changing scenery in Clash of Clans. Consider the incidents or competitions happening in the game and change your scenery as a result. For example, during clan wars or friendly challenges, you can switch to a more frightening or remarkable scenery to boost morale and intimidate opponents.

4. Leveraging community resources for ideas

The Clash of Clans community is great and filled with inventive players. Take advantage of community resources such as forums, social media groups, or YouTube channels to collect ideas and motivation for your village’s scenery. Involve fellow players, share your formations, and learn from others to strengthen your scenery-changing knowledge.


Changing scenery in Clash of Clans can be an enjoyable and profitable experience, enabling you to personalize your village and keep the game interesting. By completing performances, participating in special events, using gems advantageously, and utilizing seasonal obstacles, you can change scenery for free. 

Remember to plan, prioritize your changes, time them tactically, and leverage community resources for thoughts. With these tips, you’ll be able to create an aesthetically beautiful village that reflects your unique style and impresses your friends. So, go ahead and give your village a fresh and captivating look without spending a dime!

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