How to hide Channels on Whatsapp?

Looking to hide channels on WhatsApp? It might seem like there’s no direct way to opt out once you’re involved. However, Meta is aware and is actively updating both Android and iOS devices to simplify this. It’s worth noting that you can unfollow any channel you wish, ensuring it won’t be displayed, effectively hiding it from your view. This adds a layer of customization and control. If managing these channels feels overwhelming, remember, you’re not alone.

If you haven’t updated WhatsApp yet, you can still use a previous version that doesn’t include the Channels feature.

How to unfollow any WhatsApp Channel?

As we discussed, there is no direct way to hide a WhatsApp channel with the latest updates of WhatsApp, but this feature might become available in the future. If you wish to unfollow a channel, you can do so by following these simple steps:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Click on “Updates.”
  • Click on the channel you want to unfollow.
  • Click on the three dots located at the top right corner.
  • Finally, click on “Unfollow.”

By doing this, you will no longer receive upcoming news from this channel unless you decide to follow it again.

Using Old Version of Whatsapp

In a world where keeping up with updates feels like a full-time job, there’s a simpler way to manage your digital life, especially when it comes to WhatsApp and its new Channels function. If you find the constant stream of updates overwhelming or simply prefer the app’s classic layout, sticking with an older version of WhatsApp might just be the ticket. Let’s dive into how this choice impacts your experience and ways to maintain your app version effectively.

Staying with the Older Version

Choosing not to update WhatsApp keeps things straightforward. You continue to use the app without the Channels function, which means your interface stays clean and familiar. Here’s why and how:

  • Lacks Channels function: The main advantage. You avoid the additional clutter of Channels.
  • Successful backup: Always ensure to back up your WhatsApp chats before making any changes. It’s a safety net.

Reverting to a Previous Version

Sometimes curiosity or automatic updates get the better of us, and we find the new features not to our liking. Here’s a way back:

  • Delete and reinstall: If you’ve upgraded and want to go back, you can delete the current app and reinstall the earlier version.
  • Authorized source: Make sure to download the app from trusted sources. This is crucial for your device’s security.

Temporary Solutions for Channel Overload

Not ready to commit to uninstalling? There are ways to temporarily hide the Channels:

  • Hiding WhatsApp Channels: A quick fix to hide Channels from your interface, albeit temporarily.
  • Updates Menu maneuver: Navigate to WhatsApp > Updates > View Updates to push Channels to the bottom of the status page. It’s a band-aid but works for a quick breather.
  • Repeat process: Remember, this is a temporary solution. You’ll need to do this every time you open the app.

iPhone Users: A Special Note

iPhone owners face a unique situation due to Apple’s stringent app policies:

  • Temporary hiding only: Due to security measures, iPhone users can only temporarily hide Channels.
  • Apple Store restrictions: The inability to revert to previous versions or install from outside the Apple Store means living with temporary fixes.

By choosing to either stay with an older version of WhatsApp or temporarily hide Channels, users can tailor their digital experience to suit their preferences. While each option has its steps and considerations, the key is finding a balance that keeps you connected without feeling overwhelmed. Whether you’re an Android user exploring backup and uninstallation or an iPhone user navigating within tighter constraints, there’s a way to make WhatsApp work for you, minus the extra noise of Channels.


In conclusion, managing your WhatsApp experience in the face of new Channels can be straightforward with the right approach. Whether you choose to unfollow channels you’re not interested in, stick with an older version of the app to avoid them altogether, or employ temporary solutions for a clutter-free interface, the power is in your hands. Each method offers a way to customize your digital space to your liking, ensuring that you stay connected without the overwhelm. 

Remember, as technology evolves, so do our options for managing it. Keep exploring, and you’ll find the perfect balance for your digital life on WhatsApp.


1. Can I permanently hide WhatsApp Channels without unfollowing them?

No, permanently hiding WhatsApp Channels without unfollowing them is not currently possible. You need to unfollow a channel to stop seeing its updates.

2. Will hiding channels on WhatsApp affect my message notifications?

No, hiding or unfollowing channels on WhatsApp will not affect your personal message notifications. They operate independently.

3. Is it possible to hide channels from specific contacts only?

WhatsApp Channels is a feature for public content, not specific contacts. You cannot hide channels on a contact-by-contact basis.

4. Can I hide WhatsApp Channels on the web version of WhatsApp?

As of now, the Channels feature and related customization options like hiding are primarily designed for the mobile app, not the web version.

5. If I reinstall an older version of WhatsApp, will I lose my chat history?

If you back up your chats before uninstalling WhatsApp, you can restore them upon reinstalling an older version, preventing loss of chat history.

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